Facebook Uses A.I For Suicide Prevention

Facebook has started using a new artificial intelligence (AI) system to identify users showing warning signs of suicide.

Facebook is now working on new ways to help troubled users with the use of artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, in addition to expanding its suicide prevention tools.

The algorithm would immediately send a report to a real reviewer, who could then contact the user with suggestions and resources to help if appropriate.   At the moment, Facebook relies on a human reporting system regarding potential suicides, where friends of users can click a button to tell the company about concerning updates.

The new tools are similar to what Facebook launched back in 2015, which allows friends to flag a troubling image or status post.   Now, this feature is available on Facebook Live — with the goal of connecting a user with a mental health expert in real-time.   If Facebook believes a reported Live streamer may need help, that user will receive notifications for suicide prevention resources while they’re still on the air.   The person who reported the video will also get resources to personally reach out and help their friend, if they wish to identify his or herself.

The broadcaster at risk will also be given the option to contact a friend, mental health helpline or see tips.

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