Advancing AI by teaching robots to learn

Facebook AI is pursuing research projects in robotics learning that will lead to AI that can learn more efficiently and better generalize to new applications.

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How AI could save lives without spilling medical secrets

The first big test for a platform that lets AI algorithms learn from private patient data is under way at Stanford Medical School.

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Google's AI boosts accuracy of lung cancer diagnosis, study shows - STAT

The results underscore AI’s potential to improve lung cancer screening and help radiologists diagnose malignancies earlier and with greater accuracy.

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How we might protect ourselves from malicious AI

New research could make deep-learning models much harder to manipulate in harmful ways.

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AI develops human-like number sense – taking us a step closer to building machines with general intelligence

Numbers figure pretty high up on the list of what a computer can do well. While humans often struggle to split a restaurant bill, a modern computer can make millions of calculations in a mere second. Humans, however, have an innate and intuitive number sense that helped us, among other things, to build computers in the first place.

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