Artificial Intelligence for the American People | The White House

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived, and is transforming everything from healthcare to transportation to manufacturing.

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Nvidia AI turns sketches into photorealistic landscapes in seconds

Today at Nvidia GTC 2019, the company unveiled a stunning image creator. Using generative adversarial networks, users of the software are with just a few clicks able to sketch images that are nearly photorealistic. The software will instantly turn a couple of lines into a gorgeous mountaintop sunse…

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AI-Based App Could Screen for Cervical Cancer  

An algorithm that can diagnose the disease from photographs would be especially useful in developing countries 

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Courts and police are turning to AI to reduce bias, but some argue it'll make the problem worse

Increasingly, algorithms and machine learning are being implemented at various touch points throughout the criminal justice system, from deciding where to deploy police officers to aiding in bail and sentencing decisions.

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Bill Gates: AI, like nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, has potential for massive promise and danger

Artificial intelligence is "both promising and dangerous," like nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, Microsoft's co-founder says.

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