New deepfake tech turns a single photo and audio file into a singing video portrait

Finally, technology that can make Rasputin sing like Beyoncé

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AI Can Lead to Lower Dentist Bills

Companies that provide business support to dentists are starting to use artificial intelligence to analyze X-ray images and automate certain steps in common procedures, pointing to the technology’s cost-cutting potential.

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Facial Recognition Tech Is Growing Stronger, Thanks to Your Face

Large databases, built with images from social networks and dating services, contain millions of pictures of people’s faces. Some are shared worldwide.

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Alibaba has claimed a new record in AI language understanding

An AI program developed by Alibaba has notched up a record-high score on a reading comprehension test.

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Using artificial intelligence to detect discrimination

A new artificial intelligence (AI) tool for detecting unfair discrimination—such as on the basis of race or gender—has been created by researchers at Penn State and Columbia University.

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