Deep Learning Casting a Net on Health Care

Whether you are using Google Maps to find the shortest commute to work, scheduling a hair appointment for your mother by voice command, or viewing personalized recommendations during an online shopping experience, the use of AI has disrupted nearly every industry, and it’s now taking over health care.   

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Algorithmic Supply Chain Planning - Food for Your Supply Chain | Adexa Inc.

Learn how Adexa’s algorithmic plans each day make your supply chain perform better than the day before!

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Can HR Technology Automatically Support Career Progression and Identify the Best Applicants for a Job?

If your HR system already knows what talent profiles are required for a job, and that job is attached to a recruitment campaign, you can use technology to identify the best applicants for the job. This quickens the recruitment life-cycle and keeps the manager in the flow.

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Building AI-first products – David Bessis – Medium

The real AI disruption won’t come from adding AI features to old products, but from new, AI-first products that are simpler and “just…

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AI Is Kicking Space Exploration Into Hyperdrive—Here's How

As computer systems and software have developed, so have AI’s potential use cases for research into our planet, the solar system, and the universe.

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