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From Data to Decisions

Oct 02

10 Strategies to Change the World through Data Storytelling

World-renowned Data Visualisation experts Simon Scarr & Carrie Roy give their perspectives on getting true value from data and making insights more meaningful through Data Storytelling. Top Takeaways you can use in your business. Event powered by Nugit, In Partnership with LinkedIn.

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Oct 18

Nugit Data Champions - Carrie Roy

Carrie Roy is a senior UX designer, respected artist & TEDx speaker. She joined us for our 'The Future is Data Storytelling' event to give us her perspective on visualising data and why combining numbers with art is so important. We caught up with her afterward to dig a little deeper. 4-minute video

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Oct 04

Customise your Data Stories with Themes

New release! Nugit's new Themes feature enables you to create customised colour palettes for your Data Stories. Add your brand style, your clients brand style or a different colour theme altogether to your campaign analytics reports. The choice is yours.

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Sep 24

Win the room. Become a Data Story Boss

Analysis Paralysis? Don't be a save to data. Turn endless numbers into beautiful data stories. Combines smart data science, beautiful visualisation, and a clear narrative to showcase what’s going on behind the numbers.

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