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Numerai transforms and regularizes financial data into machine learning problems for global network of data scientists.

Oct 04

Numerai reveals Erasure: unstoppable, peer to peer data feeds

The Numeraire token is about to become the cryptocurrency of the entire hedge fund industry. Today, Numerai is announcing a new unstoppable data marketplace called Erasure. Imagine you have done…

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Jan 08

Numerai in 2019

Erasure and NMR are critical components to Numerai’s vision of a decentralized capital allocation engine. But it also has the greater potential to bring Web3 to every application on the internet…

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Oct 24

Achieving Meta Model Supremacy At Numerai

An inside look at the backtests at Numerai, and a conversation with Marcos López de Prado, Numerai’s new scientific advisor. Jump to the video presentation on YouTube. Numerai is a hedge fund built…

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Oct 07

Highlights from ErasureCon: CoinList Partners with Erasure for new Hackathon

Two weeks ago we hosted ErasureCon at a deconsecrated church in San Francisco’s Russian Hill district. Here are the Erasure highlights — full video below. Erasure is a new protocol for building…

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Numerai - Numer.Ai

Numerai is a new kind of hedge fund built by a network of data scientists.

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