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Numerai transforms and regularizes financial data into machine learning problems for global network of data scientists.

May 09

Placeholder thesis — Design update — Aliens Exist

There is now over $2 million staked on Erasure. Follow @ErasureBay on Twitter to see new requests. Post your questions for the next Erasure Bay Office Hours. Venture capital firm Placeholder…

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Jul 06

A New Data Science Competition Where Being Different Pays

Data science competitions have become stale. As the field of data science was emerging, landmark competitions like the Netflix Prize and early Kaggle competitions encouraged new algorithms and…

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Jun 04

Fundraising — Improved FCAS — Erasure Bay Highlights

Numerai has raised $3 million in a recent sale of NMR led by Union Square Ventures and Placeholder with CoinFund and Dragonfly Capital. Numerai’s Founder Richard Craib also participated. Recently…

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May 21

Office Hours with Arbitrage #9

Arbitrage took a minute to celebrate nine straight weeks of Office Hours before thanking the Numerai team and the audience for joining, and jumped straight into the questions from Slido. Arbitrage…

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Numerai - Numer.Ai

Numerai is a new kind of hedge fund built by a network of data scientists.

Accubits Technologies - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
How AI-powered customer profiling can boost your in-store sales

AI-powered customer profiling can boost your in-store sales through creation of accurate customer profiles for use in personalized marketing campaigns.

MindBridge Analytics - Jul 07 - Blog Post:
A better approach to journal entry testing: Audit analytics automation

The cornerstone of well-planned and high-quality audit engagements is a robust risk assessment process. Visualizing and interrogating subledger data can...

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Hearing is Believing – Why We Don’t Use Google

As a company that manages the AI-powered CX for more than 100 brands, we often get asked about the place...

ETFLogic - Jul 06 - Blog Post:
ETFLogic Launches LOGICLY Platform to Provide All-in-one Portfolio Analysis S...

ETFLogic, the leading ETF analytics platform provider, has announced the launch of LOGICLY, its enhanced web/cloud-based portfolio analysis platform for...

Accubits Technologies - Jul 03 - Blog Post:
How to choose the right consensus protocol for permissioned blockchain networks

Choosing the right consensus protocol for permissioned blockchain depends on the extent of decentralization (trust between participants) in the network.

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