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Olive is the first in the industry to have innovations in healthcare technology that streamlines repetitive tasks.

Jul 30

Welcoming Olive to the Oak HC/FT Family!

The post Welcoming Olive to the Oak HC/FT Family! appeared first on Olive.

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Aug 29

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Hospital Revenue Cycle

Olive helps hospitals improve efficiency and reduce costs by automating repetitive workflows with artificial intelligence & robotic process automation designed to work with healthcare technology. Olive - the leader in RPA and AI for Healthcare.

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Aug 20

Applying AI, Automation to the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Inefficiencies in the healthcare revenue cycle represent opportunities to apply artificial intelligence and automation when approached thoughtfully.

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Aug 12

How a Digital Workforce Will Save Healthcare

Enterprises have been digitizing data and processes furiously over the past few decades, and these efforts have unlocked a pantheon of capabilities to offer new products and better experiences, and healthcare is no exception.

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