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Omnidya is the first platform of itÕs kind

Oct 03

P2P: Disrupting and Bringing the World Together

P2P. Peer-to-peer. The Sharing Economy. Call it what you will. The reality is that technology has disrupted the retail market, and it’s fascinating. The basic business model actually isn’t that…

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Jun 24

Life is a 5G Highway: Drive it All Night Long

Do you like zooming down the highway in your Aston Martin Valhalla? Or perhaps driving along in your eco-friendly Toyota Prius at a moderate speed? The Omnidya team knows. We love supercars…

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Jun 03

Artificial Intelligence & Auto Insurance

Artificial Intelligence. The buzzy term you see everywhere that’s supposed to be taking over everything from cosmetics to dating to body parts to stuff you put on your eye. Auto Insurance. You don’t…

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May 17

Meet Omnidya at Collision 2019

We were at Collision last year and it was great. But we’ve come a long way since then and are really pumping it up this year — so if you want to schedule a meeting to talk biz over some Tim Hortons…

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