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Automatic pricing powered by AI

Oct 04

Optimus Price has been selected as one of the brightest Big Data Startups in Europe

We’re thrilled to announce that Optimus Price has been selected to take part in the European Data Incubator (EDI), a 3-year project that offers around 100 startups the chance to solve data challenges set by major European corporates like Volkswagen Navarra, RACC motoring club and the multinational Sonae. What is EDI? EDI is an incubation […]

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Aug 08

Welcome to Optimus Price 3.0

We have been working very hard this summer to bring you a much improved version of Optimus Price. This release includes: The #1 request: competitor based pricing models! Consider pageviews and conversion rate into pricing with Google Analytics Flexible rule strategies A redesigned Product window Avoid errors with our automatic data validation We hope that […]

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Mar 20

Minimum wage of 2,200 € per month vs living on 2 € a day. What defines the world’s most contrasting economies?

Imagine you are sitting at your office desk and you decide that you want to take a trip to see the beautiful Swiss Alps and absorb the calm and tranquil air. What better place to do this than Zurich, Switzerland?  Your impulses take over, and after hovering your mouse over the little blue button for […]

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Jul 19

How pricing has changed throughout history

Pricing can appear simple from a consumer’s perspective. You just see a price, and if you are willing to pay it, then you get the product. The key part of that decision making is if you are willing to pay for it. Through the years businesses have broken down the psyche of consumers that help […]

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