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Param helps companies to automate most of the hiring tasks using artificial intelligence.

Jul 04

Independent Notification service using Ionic, Node & FCM

We all have seen the push notifications that an app does in android or IOS. How can we implement that using Ionic? Moreover, how to regulate such a service? In this article we will create a…

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Apr 11

8 reasons to switch from Excel and email to an Applicant Tracking System

It is a known secret that the key to a successful business is success in hiring the best talent that helps build the business. However, it is surprising that given how important an aspect hiring is…

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Oct 10

How we dramatically optimised query time in PostgreSQL DB

We recently started using BigQuery, which is awesome, to store 30 million rows of data for a faster query. Today I spent some time trying to speed up some of the queries. The query which returns the…

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Sep 10

Announcing Param.ai’s integration with Greenhouse

Param announces its integration with Greenhouse, one of the leading applicant tracking systems in the market. Through this partnership, our mutual customers can now leverage Param’s recruitment…

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Myfinb - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
AI:10 Mar – 10th Issue

"Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being. Artificial intelligence has acted as the...

Verbit - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
Meeting New Media Market Requirements

Verbit is customizing its tools to help meet new media requirements for burned captions, or open captions, as well as...

Optimove - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
What CMOs Need to Know About Maximizing CRM Marketing Impact

Over the past few years, CMOs have earned their "place at the table" by attributing revenues to their efforts. But...

Optimove - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
What CMOs need to know about maximizing CRM Marketing impact

Over the past few years, CMOs have earned their "place at the table" by attributing revenues to their efforts. But...

Zero404 - Mar 06 - Blog Post:
Pure Taboo – Technological Innovation in the Adult Entertainment Industry

From the looks of Pure Taboo’s tour, the content on this site is basically focused around technological innovation in the...

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