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Price optimization as a service

Oct 09

Announcing funding, general availability, and the future of dynamic pricing with AI

Perfect Price announces funding, general availability of the first dynamic pricing artificial intelligence, and its perspective on the future of AI and pricing.

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Aug 28

Bill Gurley on the 'Rake': pricing strategies for online marketplaces

Online marketplaces can learn a lot about pricing strategy from Bill Gurley's 2013 article on the 'Rake'. Charging what you can vs charging what you should

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May 28

Dynamic Pricing for Airport Parking

Airport parking is under major pressure from disruptive new models like ridesharing. As a leading revenue source for most airports, revenue growth is key!

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Apr 17

McDonald’s plan to put “supersized” data to action

McDonald's new acquisition of Dynamic Yield demonstrates its intent to put data to work through AI and Machine learning. What can we learn from this pricing strategy?

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