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A platform for building, training, and monitoring large scale deep learning applications.

Oct 08

Polyaxon 0.2.7:

Today’s release is the first step towards experiments comparison on Polyaxon and overall model analysis. Experiment groups in Polyaxon are how internally the platform runs and manages…

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Jul 11

Polyaxon v0.5 released

Today, we are pleased to announce the v0.5 release, a stable version which brings significant improvements to Polyaxon’s deployment and management experience, model management and Machine Learning…

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Apr 15

Product Updates

Today we are not announcing a new release of our Product, instead we would like to update our users and community about some changes and short-term roadmap of our product. In our previous blog post…

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Apr 04

Polyaxon v0.4.3: stable — Improved dashboard, setup, and documentation

Today, we are pleased to announce the v0.4.3 release, a stable version with improved functionalities and documentation. This release also marks the anniversary of several clusters running non-stop…

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