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Preferred Networks applies cutting-edge deep learning technology to applications in the the Internet of Things

Jul 10

Technologies behind Distributed Deep Learning: AllReduce

This post is contributed by Mr. Yuichiro Ueno, who were a Summer intern in 2017 and a part time engineer at PFN. If the mathematical expressions are not displayed correctly, please reload the page via this link. Hello, I am Yuichiro Ueno. I participated in a summer internship program at PFN in 2017, and I…

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Oct 21

Open-set Few-shot Speaker Identification

This is a guest blog from an ex-intern, Nontawat Charoenphakdee. About me I am Nontawat Charoenphakdee from Bangkok, Thailand. I am currently a second-year PhD student (starting from Sep 2018) working on machine learning at the Sugiyama-Sato-Honda lab in the University of Tokyo. I graduated with a master's degree from my current lab. My hobbies…

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Sep 27

A Brief History of Object Detection – from Haar-like features to losing anchors

Hello, my name is Tommi Kerola, an engineer at Preferred Networks. I would like to share some slides about recent research in object detection that was presented at an internal PFN seminar. We are making the slides publicly available with the hope that others may find it interesting or useful for research purposes. Object detection…

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Jul 15


This post is contributed by Mr. Kaushalya Madhawa, who was an intern and a part-time engineer at PFN. Japanese version is available here. In this post we introduce our recent paper "GraphNVP: An Invertible Flow Model for Generating Molecular Graphs". Our code can be accessed from Github repo. Molecule Generation Discovery of new molecules with desirable…

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