Vera is an advanced artificial intelligence agent that can directly resolve customer issues in real time across multiple channels.

With AI technology, HelloVera manages meaningful customer relationships. With fully automated artificial intelligence, Vera can swiftly resolve customer issues without hiring a full customer service center. Here is how HelloVera can benefit your bottom line Rich interactive customer experience Vera can answer questions and gather additional information to engage your users with tailored, informative responses unlike most competitors that just do plain FAQ searches. Consistent and reliable 24/7 Rest assured knowing that Vera is on the job at all times to assist. It doesn’t matter the time. Vera will never be too busy to answer and can work under pressure. You can count on Vera to provide the same great consistent and accurate information. Available across multiple channels HelloVera can be easily integrated across Facebook messenger, web chat, email and Slack. Represents & strengthens your brand Increase engagement with customized automated responses to resemble your brand and deliver that same value to your customer service. Easy to use and install Get installed in as fast as one day! You can be up and running with no expensive consultants needed. Machine learning for improved responses HelloVera uses advanced artificial intelligence to continually learn from previous closed tickets. Over time, the accuracy of responses will improve greatly.

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Vera is an advanced artificial intelligence agent that can directly resolve customer issues in real time across multiple channels.


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