The virtual agronomist powering the horticulture industry.

Meet your virtual agronomist. Designed for growers, by growers. Agrilyst is the intelligence platform for indoor farms, and helps greenhouse operators run their operations more efficiently by pulling in data from sensors in the greenhouse and information about crop yields and other metrics. We help indoor farm operators use data to make more profitable production decisions. Agrilyst tracks and analyzes all farm data in one place, enabling growers to optimize plant performance and reduce operating expenses. Increase yield and revenue. Let your data do all of the work. With Agrilyst, you can begin making data-driven decisions that lead to big yield increases. Forecast with certainty. Forecasts show what crops need to be harvested in a 30-day period with 90% accuracy. It’s easier than ever to understand your expected yield, number of units, and revenue. Visualize data instantly. Forget data entry and fumbling over worksheets. Now you can create graphs and build custom reports for your farm right in Agrilyst.

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The virtual agronomist powering the horticulture industry.


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