The artificial intelligence platform for food & beverage producers. Bridging the gap between consumer preference and your great products

Analytical Flavor Systems is founded by a team that appreciates the hard work and quality behind what we eat and drink. Inevitably, we were led to build tools for quality control in the food & beverage industry. By utilizing sensory science, data science, and analytical chemistry, we are able to protect our clients’ products from batch variations, flaws, and contaminations. Predictive Manufacturing Predictive Manufacturing means continuous improvement never stops throughout your process - giving you total control of your flavor profile output. Not only does it improves the quality, consistency, and control of flavor formation in food and beverage manufacturing, but also efficiency and bottom-line. Gastrograph AI learns to manage inconsistencies in raw materials and any production process effects on the flavor profile at every step in it's manufacturing. Just as an expert human operator learns from experience – Gastrograph AI learns how to predict an unwanted outcome from sensory, process, and lab data. New Product Development 95% of new food & beverage products fail in the first 3 years after launch. This is because products are developed and marketed without modeling and predicting current and future consumer preference. Gastrograph AI is equipped with a suite of tools to create competitive flavor profiles aimed at a targeted market segment. Deep Market Insights Gastrograph AI understands what consumers prefer by segmenting the population into different demographic groups and modeling their preference archetypes. Deep Market Insights helps producers understand a consumer's taste in products to deliver repeat purchases - driving the success or failure of a brand. Research Analytical Flavor Systems offers many different services for food and beverage producers to improve and perfect their individual need for quality control. Whether you are a producer or a consumer interested in optimizing flavor, we have everything from e-books to video tutorials to share the potential of our AI.

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The artificial intelligence platform for food & beverage producers. Bridging the gap between consumer preference and your great products


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