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Sales Intelligence as a Service

Oct 09

What is SIaaS?

Wht is SIaaS? Sales Intelligence as a Service. A new category of SaaS tool that works alo your CRM and works hard for sales professionals everywhere.

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Feb 12

Driving Revenue Lift

Productivity is a powerful driver of business success. Organizations dedicate significant resources to optimize and track productivity. Specifically, when it comes to sales teams, their productivity is directly correlated to the revenue they generate. The paradox for sales teams has always been balancing selling activities with spending time analyzing their sales data to make data-driven […] The post Driving Revenue Lift appeared first on Proximate.io.

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Jan 15

The Power of 5

"While it may seem small, the ripple effect of small things is extraordinary", The power of small changes in large scale enterprise sales. Proximate.io

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Dec 04

Convenience as a Service

Our goal with sales software should be simple integrations with the tools you already use, insights that are straightforward and actionable, and a simple UI that is easy to navigate and doesn't take time away from your day. SaaS sales tools should also be CaaS tools or Convenience as a Service.

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