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Sep 24

Pure1 PowerShell Module, Alerts, Support Contracts, Easier authentication, Custom REST tutorial.

Just pushed out a new release of the Pure Storage Pure1 PowerShell module. Not nearly as significant of a release as, but still a couple of

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Oct 20

How CFOs Accelerate Modernization with Cloud Economics

CFOs accelerate modernization with cloud economics with Pure as-a-Service which offfers a flexible consumption model and nonstop services.

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Oct 19

Perspectives from Pure’s International Field CTOs

Pure is in a great position to help our customers and partners, and the international field CTO organization plays a key role. Read more.

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Oct 16

Rewriting the Rules for Unified Fast File and Object

Rewriting the rules for unified fast file and object. Look at Pure's innovative approach to unified fast file and object storage.

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Products and Case Studies
Pure Storage - Pure Storage - Airi

Deploy deep learning at scale with AIRI, the first real world AI-ready infrastructure for enterprises, featuring Pure Storage FlashBlade and NVIDIA DGX-1 servers.

Pure Storage - Pure Storage - Pure1

Gain data storage management, analysis and support with Pure1. Nothing to install, simply login from any device to monitor your entire FlashArray & FlashBlade fleet.

Pure Storage - Pure Storage - Flashblade

Learn why FlashBlade has been recognized as the best innovation in AI hardware, providing file and object storage that is fast and simple to deploy, scale and manage.

Case Study : Ziff | Breaking Through The Ai Analytics Barrier With Flashblade

Learn how ZIFF uses FlashBlade from Pure Storage to deliver AI and deep learning services to clients, saving time and thousands of dollars.

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Case Study : Zenuity Develops Vehicles With Ai

Automotive company races ahead on the road to autonomous driving.

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Case Study : Paige.Ai Leverages Ai To Combat Cancer

Learn how PAIGE.AI is leveraging the potential of AI to transform the pathology and diagnostics industry from highly qualitative to a more rigorous, quantitative discipline.

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AWS - Machine Learning - Oct 21 - Blog Post:
Using Amazon SageMaker inference pipelines with multi-model endpoints

Businesses are increasingly deploying multiple machine learning (ML) models to serve precise and accurate predictions to their consumers. Consider a...

AWS - Machine Learning - Oct 21 - Blog Post:
Time series forecasting using unstructured data with Amazon Forecast and the ...

As the volume of unstructured data such as text and voice continues to grow, businesses are increasingly looking for ways...

AWS - Machine Learning - Oct 21 - Blog Post:
Performing batch fraud predictions using Amazon Fraud Detector, Amazon S3, an...

Amazon Fraud Detector is a fully managed service that makes it easy to identify potentially fraudulent online activities, such as...

NVIDIA AI - Oct 21 - Blog Post:
NVIDIA Inference Performance Surges as AI Use Crosses Tipping Point

Amid rising AI deplyments, NVIDIA hit new heights in AI inference performance according to the latest MLPerf benchmarks.

NVIDIA AI - Oct 20 - Blog Post:
Taking It to the MAX: Adobe Photoshop Gets New NVIDIA AI-Powered Neural Filters

3D artists and video editors have long used real-time AI features to improve their work and speed up how they...

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