Red Points

  • Legal
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Red Points is a smart solution for brand protection and helps prevent piracy and counterfeiting online.

Red Points was founded by Intellectual Property Lawyer, Josep Coll.

He was soon joined by David Casellas, and together they began the task of creating the business. Even in the early days, Red Points was built on the principle of attracting the best possible people, to build the best possible product.

In 2014, CEO & Partner Laura Urquizu joined Red Points and under her guidance, the company expanded to protect trademarks and shifted to the current business model; since then Red Points has grown exponentially. Through her strong leadership, the company has been able to build an impressive technological product and develop a strategic business model along with an expert team around it. In 2016, the company secured a major round of investment from Mangrove Capital Partners.

Company Details
  • https://www.redpoints.com
  • Headquarters Barcelona, Barcelona
  • Year Founded 2011
  • Company Size 51-200 employees
  • Specialties Legal, Sports & Entertainment, Advertising & Marketing, Image recognition, Security, Intellectual property
Case Studies
Case Study : Dope Explains Why They Hired Red Points To Protect It Brand Online

After losing out on millions of dollars to counterfeits, DOPE solved the issue with Red Points

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Case Study : Food Huggers - Stopping Counterfeits

Read how Red Points helped world-known brand Food Huggers fight counterfeits online.

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Case Study : Lounge | Automating Brand Protection

Read how Red Points helped Lounge Underwear eliminate over 2000 online infringements in a matter of weeks

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