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Creatives can help or hurt your media campaigns

Oct 16

11 Facts to Make Your Holiday E-Commerce Marketing Merry and Bright

In 2017, holiday season e-commerce revenue in the US was greater than $106.14 billion. Thinking about seasonal specific marketing ensures you use the right channels and appeal in the right way to increase ROI. These numbers can help you see just what works and how you can make your holiday...

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Dec 28

The State of Social Media in 9 Key Stats from 2018

Over the past year, new social media platforms popped up, advertisers learned how to harness existing platforms in new ways, and usage of networks shifted. Learn more about the current state of social media by checking out the following key stats from 2018...

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Dec 19

Why You Need To Inject More Purpose Into Your Ad Creatives

Creativity in advertising can make or break brands. However, some companies very much miss the purpose of ad creatives, favoring arcane humor over emotive benefit-led messaging and calls to action. This article will summarize why injecting a purpose into your ad creative is so important...

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Dec 17

5 Naughty Tips for Nice E-Commerce Results this Christmas

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and it's an excellent time for any retail company to make sales – particularly one that sells online. If you run an e-commerce business and you want to make sure that you don't miss out on this huge seasonal opportunity, try using some of these tips below...

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