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Jan 23

REstore Recognized as a Global Cleantech 100 Leader

San Francisco, 22 January 2018: REstore, an energy technology leader in demand side management, announced today that it was selected by the Cleantech Group (CTG) to be part of its Global Cleantech 100 list as one of the most innovative and promising cleantech companies in the world. This year’s final 2018 Global Cleantech 100 list has been officially unveiled on the opening evening of the Cleantech Forum San Francisco (January 22) during an Awards Dinner. The companies included in the Global Cleantech 100 are selected by an 86 member panel from multi-national corporations active in technology and innovation scouting across North America, Europe and Asia.In 2010 REstore developed its big-data software solution platform called FlexPond™ to pool, manage, aggregate and steer flexible Decentralized Energy Resources such as industrial flexible loads, micro-production units and battery storage systems.  At the end of 2017, more than 150 C&I consumers are using FlexPond™. “Our mission is to lower carbon footprint of the global energy market and therefore we continue to develop cutting-edge energy technology solutions for power consumers and utilities, enabling them to benefit from strategic opportunities in the new energy world in a disruptive way”, says Jan-Willem Rombouts, co-CEO of REstore.REstore’s FlexPond™ platform was also recognized in 2017 by Frost & Sullivan with the North America Demand Response Product Leadership Award and the U.S. Energy Manager Today Top Product of the Year Award. REstore has offices in Antwerp, London, Düsseldorf, Paris and San Francisco. About Global Cleantech 100: For the ninth year running, Cleantech Group (CTG) is proud to present the annually-refreshed Global Cleantech 100 list, our barometer reading of the global innovation community's shifting views on which companies, and which types of companies, are most likely to have big commercial impact in a 5-10 year timeframe. The companies represent the most innovative and promising ideas in cleantech and that are best positioned to solve tomorrow’s clean technology challenges. For more information, please visit https://i3connect.com/gct100/ About REstore:
 REstore is leading the new, distributed energy world forward. Since 2010 our patented algorithms and real-time solution platform is used by more than 150 large factories and a growing number of households, generating new revenue streams for customers while lowering carbon footprint. FlexPond™ pools residential and industrial devices, batteries, CHPs and other resources into virtual power plants which maintain balance on the power grid. Since November 2017 REstore became part of the Centrica's Distributed Energy & Power division.  REstore has offices in Antwerp, Düsseldorf, London, Paris and San Francisco.  
 For more information, please visit www.restore.energy and follow us on Twitter at @REstoreFlexpond.

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Oct 16

Restore baut Deutschlandgeschäft aus

Energate messenger, Karsten Wiedemann, 17.10.2018
 Marcus Engler ist neuer Vertriebschef bei Restore Deutschland.
 Berlin (energate) - Der Flexibilitätsdienstleister Restore verstärkt sein Team für den deutschen Markt. Marcus Engler wird künftig für den Vertrieb zuständig sein. Er kommt vom dänischen Energieunternehmen Örsted. Restore will sein Angebot für den deutschen Markt erweitern. Das Unternehmen gehört seit kurzem zur britischen Centrica-Gruppe (...)

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Jul 29

Baron Rudi Thomaes, former Chairman of REstore, passes away

Antwerp, July 30th, 2018 - REstore is deeply saddened to communicate that Baron Rudi Thomaes, its former Chairman, passed away last Wednesday. 
 After a distinguished career as CEO of Alcatel Bell and CEO the Federation of Belgian Enterprises, Mr. Thomaes served as Chairman of REstore from 2012 until its acquisition by Centrica at the end of 2017. His unceasing commitment to REstore stemmed from a broader passion to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Belgium.
 As Chairman of REstore, Mr. Thomaes was a relentless ambassador for the company and critical to the delivery of its success. He used his decades of executive experience in telecom and technology to guide strategy, mentor REstore's founders and help grow the company into an internationally acclaimed energy technology pioneer. 
 Management and board members will remember Mr. Thomaes for his outstanding business insight and ability to simplify complex challenges, but also for his passionate and warm demeanor. Shareholders and employees will remember Rudi's strong leadership and encouraging addresses.
 Please join us in extending our deepest condolences and sympathy to his family. 

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Jun 21

[Grid Edge Innovation Summit - SFO, CA] Watch REstore, Greensync and Enbala discuss the VPP of the Future.

Past week's Grid Edge Innovation Summit organised by Greentech Media brought together Greensync's founder Phil Blythe, REstore's co-founder Jan-Willem Rombouts and Enbala's CEO Arthur Vos over a highly engaging panel session, to discuss how utilities are controlling DERs with microgrids and DERMS. 
 Some key-topics covered in this discussion:
 - The differences and similarities between VPPs and DERMS 
 - The evolving role of advanced, real-time Demand Response globally
 - The importance of behind the meter and synthetic pooling of all types of flexible assets
 - How to provide value for the customer (Value Stacking) as a driver to get more flex in the market
 - Overwinning challenges at both levels: local - as in the level of the distribution grid -  and at the level of the ISO
 Elta Kolo, Ph.D. Research Manager at Greentech Media, specialized in smart grids, moderated the session. Grid Edge Innovation Summit is the leading future energy conference that will examine the energy customer of tomorrow and how new innovative business models are quickly emerging. This year's edition took place on June 20-12 in San Francisco, CA.

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