• Personalization
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Digital Beauty Advisor for retailers & brands (Skin diag + recommendation + AR)

Revieve is transforming the way consumers discover, choose and evaluate beauty products online and in-store by offering beauty brands and retailers Digital Beauty Advisor -solution (skin diagnostics, AI-recommendations and 3D makeup virtual try-on).

The Digital Beauty Advisor brings your in-store beauty consultant to the digital age. Whether plugged seamlessly into your e-commerce site, used within Facebook Messenger, interacted voice shopping (Amazon Alexa or Google Voice) or accessed through an in-store iPad, the Beauty Advisor helps your shoppers in finding the perfectly suited skincare and makeup products with the help of the shoppers very own selfie skin diagnostics.

Through analysing customer selfies through computer vision Revieve gives extremely personalised recommendations for your online and in-store customers which can be enhanced in makeup with Augmented Reality -experiences.

Company Details
  • revieve.com
  • Headquarters Chicago, IL, USA
  • Other Locations Helsinki, Finland + Montreal, Canada + Valencia, Spain
  • Year Founded 2016
  • Company Size 11-50 employees
  • Specialties Personalization
  • Stage Series A
How Revieve uses AI in their company

Computer vision driven skin diagnostics
AI-driven product recommendations in skincare + makeup
Live Video Makeup Virtual try-on (AR)

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