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SAS provides advanced business analytics and business intelligent software and services to enable companies to optimize their operations.

Jun 02

Transform word vector tables from long to wide

Let's talk about how to transform word vector tables from long to wide in SAS, so we can potentially get sentence vectors to process further. In natural language processing, word vectors play a key role in making technologies such as machine translation and speech recognition possible.

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Sep 25

Building custom apps on top of SAS Viya, Part Four: Examples

Welcome back to my series on securely integrating custom applications into your SAS Viya platform. My goal today is to lay out some examples of the concepts I introduced in the previous posts. As a quick recap: In the first installment of this series I shared my experiences on a [...]

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Sep 25

New SGmap features in SAS 9.4m7

When you get something new, the hope is that it will be better than the old thing it's replacing. As I often do, I asked my Facebook friends to provide a random picture for my blog - in this case, a picture of one of their new/recent purchases. My friend [...]

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Sep 25

Operationalizing Consumer Complaint Monitoring

The Text Investigation Framework is a flexible solution for addressing text challenges across several domains. It was designed to create a process for turning unstructured text data into a decisioning system.

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Case Studies
Case Study : Epipoli | Machine Learning Helps Personalize The Gift Card Experience

Epipoli uses SAS artificial intelligence and customer intelligence solutions to craft relevant, real-time offers for customers.

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Case Study : Healthy Nevada Project | Health Breakthroughs Driven By Dna Analysis

Community-based genetics study uses SAS machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve population health in Nevada.

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Case Study : Honda | Analytics Turns Service Repair Data Into Cost Savings

American Honda turns to SAS to help make sense of warranty and service data.

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Databricks - Sep 25 - Blog Post:
How Relogix reduced infrastructure costs by 80% with Delta Lake and Azure Dat...

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Dataiku - Sep 25 - Blog Post:
Data Project: Automated Manga Translation with Dataiku DSS

The market for manga is huge — wouldn’t an automated manga translator come in handy for this flourishing network of...

Optimove - Sep 24 - Blog Post:
Jackpots! How to define JP-Sensitive players, and use JPs to Engage Players

Lottery games are unique, and so deserve special marketing plans. Learn how to harness the enormous power of high jackpots...

Dynatrace - Sep 24 - Blog Post:
Manage lifecycle of large scale multi-cloud deployments programmatically with...

Dynatrace news “We have over 7000 hosts in our environment. The OneAgent on a host REST API is critical for...

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Optimove blogs about data, marketing and more. Find relevant, up to date information about customer marketing and how it can...

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