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Apr 16

2018 Digital Restaurant Trends — Keep a Close Eye on These Consumer Driven Impacts

The vast majority of current digital consumer trends that significantly effect the restaurant landscape are not groundbreaking new concepts. A prime example of this is Mobile Ordering, a tool that…

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Feb 23

How to make your Restaurant Online Ordering convenient enough to increase order size by 26%!

Simply “having” online ordering is no longer enough. To truly maximize potential, it must be convenient, it must be simple and fast, and it must be enjoyable to order from you. It is no secret that…

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Feb 16

How to make Online Ordering from your Restaurants an enjoyable, convenient“experience”

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to online ordering. Make it simple, convenient and enjoyable for your valued online guests to come back time and time again. There is a major…

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Feb 02

How to Achieve 10X Higher ROI with the Same Restaurant Marketing Budgets and Tactics

Shorten the marketing funnel to the transaction by having your call to action and order completion occur in the very same channels, where your customers naturally spend their time. This will be the…

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