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Sep 25

White Label Direct Online Ordering, Fully Branded for Your Restaurants — Own The Customer…

The timing has never been better for restaurant brands to deploy smart and efficient online ordering. But it is important to focus on the words “smart” and “efficient.” Too often, restaurant brands…

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Dec 19

How to pick the right restaurant online ordering technology for maximizing consumer engagement and…

Your restaurant online ordering should be doing more than just “fine.” If it is not helping keep your profit margins healthy, while being omni-channel, while being direct with no commissions, and…

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Dec 11

How to Use Customer Data to Increase Restaurant Sales

We live in a data driven world. Make sure it is YOU who owns your customer data for the betterment of your restaurants! Get to know your customers, and when and what they order, while personalizing…

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Dec 05

How to Utilize Technology to Increase Restaurant Online Ordering Sales

Being resistant to new trends and technologies that make convenience paramount to your customers will only set you behind — It’s time to listen to them, to make your customers happy and for the…

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