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Innovative Minds, Empowered by Passion

Sensiple headquartered in New Jersey is a 20-year-old global technology company focusing on innovation and delivering turnkey products & business solutions to enterprise customers on their unmet needs and achieve their business objectives. Our R&D is focusing on trending and emerging technologies especially in Computer Vision, Blockchain, Cognitive Services, and Data Sciences. In addition, Sensiple has been aggressively investing and expanding its domain expertise in Finance and Manufacturing industries.

Company Details
  • https://tryviumdesk.sensiple.com/
  • Headquarters New Jersey, USA
  • Other Locations Omaha, NE, San Francisco, CA Chennai
  • Year Founded 1999
  • Company Size 501-1,000 employees
  • Specialties Agents / Bots
  • Stage Seed
How Sensiple uses AI in their company

Tryvium Desk an Enterprise collaboration platform fueled with AI chatbots, to transcend difficulty in automating certain IT operations and providing most comprehensive customer experience & services. To go beyond traditional customer services and to expand the voice of the customer, Tryvium integrates MS Teams with markets leading ITSM tools empowering agent’s console with 360-degree view of customer profile and along with their previous ticket history. Tryvium adds value to MS Teams by including features such as a multi-level Visual IVR, Skill groups, Intelligent Routing, Pre-set Business Hours, Holidays, Real Time Translation etc. It also enables you to automate repetitive tasks using a chatbot.

Leveraging Tryvium desk helps customers to engage and connect with the qualified support executive where they provide superior customer services based on the previous ticket history. A real-time dashboard helps supervisors understand contact center metrics, manage bots, manager users/agents and also comes with a rich analytical engine and reports for that number crunching.

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