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Advanced Application Cyber-Defense. Shape protects web and mobile applications for the world's largest companies.

Shape was founded in 2011 to disrupt automated attacks on web and mobile applications. We believe that criminal organizations function based upon economics, just like other businesses, and that if we can help our customers shift the economic burden onto those attackers, that we can cause them to go after other targets. We cause this shift by making it so expensive for attackers to understand how to penetrate our customers' applications, that they give up and go after softer targets. Everyone at Shape is passionate about fighting crime on the Internet.

Shape uses artificial intelligence to fight artificial users
Attackers appear virtually identical to genuine users by hijacking their devices, simulating human behavior, and leveraging stolen identities. Their tooling and methods change rapidly, so it is extremely difficult for the naked eye alone to tell the difference between real and fake without the assistance of machines.

Company Details
  • https://www.shapesecurity.com/
  • Headquarters 800 West El Camino Real, Suite 250 Mountain View, CA 94040 USA
  • Other Locations 333 George Street, Level 13 Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia , 100 Pall Mall, St James London, SW1Y 5NQ United Kingdom,
  • Year Founded 2011
  • Current Funding $106M
  • Company Size 201-500 employees
  • Specialties Security, Cyber security
Products and Case Studies

Blackfish detects stolen credentials before they reach the darknet.

Shape Security - Shape Enterprise Defense

Shape Security detects and defends against automated cyberattacks, bots and fraud.

Case Study : Reducing Fraud And Protecting Citizen Information

How Shape Stopped Targeted and Highly Sophisticated Attacks

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Case Study : International Airline Flights Fare Scrapers

Shape Solution helping stop bot scrapers steal data

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Case Study : Retailer - Automated Gift Card Fraud

How Shape Defeated Account Hijackers and Saved Tens of Millions of Dollars

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Stop known and unknown network threats in subseconds, at 10G wire speed. Follow Learn more

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