Shift Technology

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Shift Technology leverages the best of data science to automatically detect networks of fraudsters in insurance.

Shift Technology provides insurance companies with an innovative SaaS solution to improve and scale fraud detection. The analyses performed by Shift are fast and thorough, quantitative and qualitative. Its efficient algorithms are tailored to reproduce fraud handlers'​ deductive reasoning, making investigations quicker and easier than ever.

Company Details
  • https://www.shift-technology.com/
  • Headquarters 2-14 Rue Gerty Archimède, 75012 Paris, France
  • Year Founded 2014
  • Current Funding $39.8M
  • Company Size 51-200 employees
  • Specialties Finance, Security, Big data, Insurance, Saas, Artificial intelligence, Information technology
Shift Technology - Force Insurance Fraud Detection

A decision-making platform designed for insurance fraud handlers to scale their capacity to detect various fraudulent behaviours and networks.

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