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Building higher intelligence around location based decisions

Oct 09

004 Jim Balis, CapitalSpring

Jim Balis, CapitalSpring discusses his experience with franchisors and franchisees and where technology has created automation within the industry.

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Jan 10

The future is now: How multi-unit brands are leveraging A.I. today

Whether we realize it or not, Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is starting to become a part of our daily fabric. From electronic assistants like Alexa and Siri to business tools like Salesforce and Gmail, A.I. has proved to be a powerful technology that helps improve the way we work and live. Listed below are ten examples of brands that are harnessing the power of A.I. to solve for some of their business challenges.

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Jan 08

Webinar: Implementing A.I. in 2020

Join us to see how retailers are using A.I. and machine learning to automate and solve for complex market analysis.

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Jan 06

Are you attending IFA 2020?

Join us at IFA 2020 and learn about how an A.I. powered location intelligence platform can help your franchise with its expansion and optimization goals!

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Sitezeus - SiteZeus

Higher intelligence around location based decisions. SiteZeus is the leading SaaS cloud-based location intelligence software platform.

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