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AI and ML for finding anything from a photo, specialising in fashion

Aug 05

How to make visual search work for you

Visual search has the potential to hugely benefit customer experience for retail brand. However, there isn’t a one size fits all approach for visual search, which is sometimes how it’s perceived in…

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Aug 05

The Visual Search Cheat Sheet

I’ve been working in the field of visual search now for 10 years. I know it’s hard to believe, but if you look up what I was saying a decade ago it’s pretty much exactly the same as what I say now…

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Aug 05

Create 6 hours worth of content in 60 seconds… what’s the catch?

Broadly speaking, artificial intelligence simulating intelligent behaviour in computers; allowing it to perform tasks that were previously only achievable by humans, such as learning, interpreting…

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Sep 27

Snap Tech… the company formerly known as Snap Fashion

What’s in a name? When you run a startup, a fair amount. If I had a pound for every time I’ve said the words “Snap Fashion” over the past 5 years I’d have matched our Series A round and more. The…

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Business Email Compromise (BEC): W2 Scams Make an Unexpected Comeback in 2020

After barely registering a pulse last year, W2-based business email compromise (BEC) scams are back with a vengeance thanks to...

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Designing human review workflows with Amazon Translate and Amazon Augmented AI

The world is becoming smaller as many businesses and organizations expand globally. As businesses expand their reach to wider audiences...

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How a Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group stays Connected

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, there have been amazing individuals and groups that are dedicating their time to helping others. In...

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AI Projects Lifecycle: Key Steps and Considerations

In order to implement and scale successful AI projects, enterprises need to adopt a comprehensive approach to covering each step...

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WhatsApp Enterprise: How to Get Started in 5 Steps

WhatsApp is the perfect customer engagement tool. Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up a WhatsApp Enterprise account for your...

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