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Private by Design Voice platform for Connected Devices

Oct 15

Meet Snips Around the World

TL;DR: Snips is hitting the road the rest of the year to meet you and speak at blockchain, crypto, and developer events! Join us at one (or more) of the events below to meet CEO Dr. Rand Hindi and…

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Nov 20

Snips is joining Sonos!

Today, we are announcing that Snips will become part of Sonos! We are tremendously excited about this opportunity to bring a more immersive and differentiated voice experience for Sonos customers…

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Jun 09

Controlling a sonoff light switch with the snips.ai voice assistant

I recently discovered Snips, an amazing privacy-preserving voice assistant that runs entirely on device!! It’s also simple to set up and use. The Snips documentation is good with easy to follow…

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May 10

Snips Open Sources Tract

After open sourcing Snips-NLU a year ago, Snips now shares Tract, a new piece of its embedded voice platform. Tract is Snips’ neural network inference engine. While TensorFlow and, to a lesser…

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Snips - Snips Air

Snips AIR is the first Private by Design, open source, decentralized network of voice assistants. Add a voice to your home while protecting your privacy.

Snips - Snips - Enterprise

Snips is the first Voice Platform where you can build an Voice Assistant that is Private by Design.

Snips - Snips - AI Voice Platform

The Snips SDK enables you to create your own AI assistant, while keeping user data safe. Snips is Private by Design.

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