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Private by Design Voice platform for Connected Devices

Jul 17

Token-Curated App Stores

AppStores have a number of issues, from censorship to opaque rankings and fake reviews. Snips AIR's AppStore solves these issues by using a token to incentivize its community to curate the content.

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Nov 20

Snips is joining Sonos!

Today, we are announcing that Snips will become part of Sonos! We are tremendously excited about this opportunity to bring a more immersive and differentiated voice experience for Sonos customers…

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Jun 09

Controlling a sonoff light switch with the snips.ai voice assistant

I recently discovered Snips, an amazing privacy-preserving voice assistant that runs entirely on device!! It’s also simple to set up and use. The Snips documentation is good with easy to follow…

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May 10

Snips Open Sources Tract

After open sourcing Snips-NLU a year ago, Snips now shares Tract, a new piece of its embedded voice platform. Tract is Snips’ neural network inference engine. While TensorFlow and, to a lesser…

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Snips - Snips Air

Snips AIR is the first Private by Design, open source, decentralized network of voice assistants. Add a voice to your home while protecting your privacy.

Snips - Snips - Enterprise

Snips is the first Voice Platform where you can build an Voice Assistant that is Private by Design.

Snips - Snips - AI Voice Platform

The Snips SDK enables you to create your own AI assistant, while keeping user data safe. Snips is Private by Design.

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