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Digital identity verification and fraud detection

Oct 02

How to improve end-to-end customer life-cycle management through data science

Socure's SVP and Co-Founder Johnny Ayers and Simility CTO and Co-Founder Kedar Samant discuss their coordinated machine-learning approach to managing the customer life cycle and reducing identity theft.

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Jan 24

Leveraging Best-in-Class Identity Verification for CCPA Requests

Annie talks in-depth about the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and how Socure looks forward to supporting the safe implementation of CCPA and the privacy rights it delivers to consumers by leveraging advanced machine learning and data science techniques to ensure trust in the engagement between companies and their consumers.

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Jan 23

Machine Learning 101: Teaching How to Prevent Identity Fraud

You might think you’re using technology, but in fact, it’s using you. And guiding you. Leading you by the nose

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Jan 08

How fraudsters build synthetic identities to commit fraud

Synthetic Identity Theft entails the usual suspects: SSN, email, phone, date-of-birth, etc. But here’s the different angle. Instead of stealing and utilizing somebody else’s PII right away, synthetic perpetrators often employ the most dangerous burglar tool of all ... patience.

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