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Combining human + artificial intelligence to democratise science

Sparrho's blend of machine learning and human expert curation helps you stay on top of the science that matters to you. With 60 million+ papers and patents from 45k+ journals and preprint servers, Sparrho's content is enhanced by world-class researchers from 1,500+ universities in 150+ countries. Sparrho is democratising scientific knowledge, making it more accessible, searchable and shareable."Sparrho is an incredible resource for anyone who values research and real-time science! I've been playing with it in my own research activities for about a year now and I've got to say that it puts Google Scholar absolutely to shame."_-- Kristin, testimonial on Product HuntSparrho was founded in 2013 out of frustration with existing literature search tools by two Oxbridge scientists, and now has an amazing team based in London, UK.

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