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Oct 12

How to Super-Charge Your Marketing Strategy with Geosocial Data

What happens when you have already chosen the location of your business and are now tasked with driving top-line growth? At this point, you can’t change the traits of your trade area, but you can use geosocial analysis to optimize your trade areas through marketing.

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Jan 02

Geosocial Use Cases [Full List]

How can you use Geosocial data? How have other companies, like Subway, leveraged the data to make better location decisions?

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Dec 09

Geosocial Use Case: Urban Planning

Determine new commerce opportunities best suited for a developing town or city.

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Dec 05

adsquare and Spatial.ai Partner, Adding a New Data Dimension to Programmatic Advertising

Data partnership between data exchange adsquare and Spatial.ai allows Geosocial data usage in real-time programmatic advertising

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