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Oct 09

The Missing Criteria in Retail Site Selection

Site selection is a critical location decision, especially for retailers and restaurants. Criterias and checklists are typically developed by chains to maximize success, but despite locations checking all the boxes, many still fail. Why? What’s missing from the site selection checklist?

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Feb 14

Tetrad and Spatial.ai Partner to Add Geosocial Data into Sitewise

Tetrad and Spatial.ai today announce a new partnership integrating Geosocial data into Tetrad’s Sitewise platform.

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Jan 02

Geosocial Use Cases [Full List]

How can you use Geosocial data? How have other companies, like Subway, leveraged the data to make better location decisions?

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Dec 09

Geosocial Use Case: Urban Planning

Determine new commerce opportunities best suited for a developing town or city.

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