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Jul 31

Optimism Bias In Sports Betting

Optimism Bias is a widely occurring cognitive bias which causes individuals to believe that they are less likely to experience negative events, or that positive events are more likely to happen to them compared to others. In everyday life, you may hear that being an optimist is a good thing, however, when you are a bettor, your optimistic nature is more of a liability, and has the potential to greatly affect your betting performance in a negative manner.

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Mar 10

How do Bonus Bets Work – The Drawbacks of Bonus Bets

How do Bonus Bets Work?The betting scene is growing, and betting companies are getting more competitive by the day. On top of the list of strategies used by these companies to woo customers is bonus bets. The catch, however, is that the free bets are conditional. This begs the questions: which conditions apply ...

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Oct 27

The Importance of Goal Setting in Sports Betting

Are you setting realisitic goals with your Sports Betting? If your not you could be doing youself a major disservice. Learn how you can set goals in your betting

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Sep 20

Introduction to Basic Staking Methods

Introduction to Basic Staking Methods Staking is a method of calculating the appropriate amount of money to place on a bet/bets for consistent profit making as part of a betting strategy. For a bettor, it is crucial to have a staking method which works for them in the long run. Ideally, this is one that...The post Introduction to Basic Staking Methods appeared first on Sportsflare.

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