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Project Management, CRM & Invoicing Platform built on AI

We're Startable: a SaaS technology company providing a cloud-based solution for CRM, team collaboration, project management, and invoicing for SMEs. Startable benches a unique business model as it positions itself as a one-stop business solution. From project management, domain registration to web hosting, customer and human resource management as well as cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the platform offers users every available resource to easily and affordably maintain an optimal Web presence whilst running your business efficiently.WeÕre promoting a streamlined way to conduct business online. One tool, one engine, one flow. Streamlined business management aimed at SMEs looking to grow. It's time to Work Smarter.

Company Details
Startable - AI Platform for SMEs

The perfect solution for SMEs to conduct business with our Project Management, CRM and Invoicing platform built on AI.

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