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AI-powered Insights platform to understand human behavior at the workplace

Jun 22

Working Hard or Overworking?

As human resource professionals, managers or employers, the importance of maintaining the health and wellness of your team should be a top priority. If the most valuable asset of a company is its…

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Jul 16

Isaak by StatusToday named Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ for AI and is now trusted by 1000 companies…

A little more than three months after launching Isaak, we’ve surpassed our milestone of 1000 companies live on our platform. Isaak is our Artificial Intelligence powering complex people analytics in…

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May 02

Isaak’s Customer relationship intelligence goes above and beyond your typical CRM

Firstly, StatusToday is not getting in to the Customer Relationship Management business. Secondly, we have developed and launched an extensive Customer Relationship Intelligence module. Lastly, there…

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Apr 09

The Future of Work has to be Transparent

The key to making informed decisions is data — without clear information, the effectiveness of decision-making is reduced to (at best) educated guesswork. Timesheets, punch-cards, progress reports…

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Statustoday - Statustoday - Understanding Employees Using Ai

StatusToday is an AI-driven employee insights platform that helps companies boost employee wellness, transform workplace productivity and make sense of org behavior.

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