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Machine and Deep Learning for Your Advantage

We build user-friendly web, mobile apps/software with deep/machine learning/big data knowledge.

* AI, NLP, Machine Learning services like Facial Recognition, OCR, Big Data, Forecasting
* Mobile Apps (React Native)
* IT (Software Development) services
* Nearshore Software Development
* IT Outsourcing (Python (Django), Ruby on Rails, React)

We work in SCRUM methodology.

Company Details
  • stermedia.ai
  • Headquarters Headquarters: Wroclaw, Poland
  • Other Locations Other location: Viriginia Beach, US
  • Year Founded 2009
  • Company Size 11-50 employees
  • Specialties Technology & Internet, Agents / Bots, Robotics, Machine Learning, Finance, Real Estate & Construction, Open Source, Travel & Transport, Hardware & IoT, Government, Legal, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Food, Computer Vision, Gaming, Customer Support, Data Science, Product Development, Business Intelligence , Speech Processing, Healthcare, Data Resources & Management , Sales & Marketing, Hospitality, Security, Sports & Entertainment, Advertising & Marketing, Manufacturing, Bot Builders, Agriculture, Human Resources & Recruiting , Personal Assistant, Sentiment Analysis, Personalization, Consumer Products, Energy & Environment

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