Irobot - Roomba Robot Vacuums


At the touch of a button, Roomba can be your new robotic vacuum cleaner. With easy automation and multi-room navigation, it's the best vacuum for your floors.

MEET THE ROOMBA® FAMILY OF VACUUMING ROBOTS Your partners for a cleaner home EVERYDAY CLEAN WITHOUT THE EFFORT Pet hair, crumbs, dirt, and daily dust are always building up, so keeping your home clean can feel like a never-ending task. That's why iRobot brings you the Roomba® family of vacuuming robots. Combining a powerful cleaning system with intelligent sensors, our robots move seamlessly through your home, adapting to the surroundings to thoroughly vacuum your floors — leaving you with more time for what's important. ROOMBA® ROBOT VACUUMS Designed for you and your home • Sensors • 3-Stage Cleaning • Wi-Fi® Connected MOVES SEAMLESSLY THROUGH YOUR HOME Roomba® vacuuming robots are powered by a full suite of smart sensors that automatically guide the robot around your home. The robot makes 60 decisions every second, navigating under furniture and around clutter to thoroughly clean your floors. Automatically detects dirt Dirt Detect™ sensors alert the robot to spend more time cleaning concentrated areas of debris. It’s great for high-traffic areas and those occasional messes. Sweeps corners and along walls Designed to sweep corners and along walls, the robot catches dirt, dust, and hair where they hide. Navigates seamlessly Guided by advanced navigation software, the robot moves effortlessly around obstacles and under furniture, adapting its path to clean your floors more thoroughly. CLEANS FLOORS IN THREE STAGES Our powerful 3‑Stage Cleaning System with Edge-Sweeping Brush is designed to loosen, lift, and suction dirt and debris from all floor types. Stage 1: Sweeps corners and edges Specially engineered at a 27 degree angle, the Edge-Sweeping Brush catches dirt, dust, and debris from corners and edges. Stage 2: Grabs debris with two brushes Dual Counter-Rotating Brushes work together to grab and remove dirt, dust, and debris from your floors. Stage 3: Suctions dirt and filters debris The robot’s powerful motor suctions dirt into the filtered dust bin. The High-Efficiency Filter* captures 99% of dust, mites, and allergens as small as 10 microns. CONTROL FROM YOUR SMART DEVICE Use the iRobot HOME App to schedule, start, pause, or cancel cleaning cycles from anywhere at any time. Compatible with Wi‑Fi® Connected Roomba® vacuuming robots. Customize cleaning preferences Select cleaning preferences such as power settings, number of cleaning passes, final edge clean, and more.* View cleaning history Review cleaning data, such as completed cleaning cycles, coverage area, and duration. Clean Map™ reports** display floor plans of the coverage area and location of Dirt Detect® events. Just speak up! Compatible on devices with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. With Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, you have hands-free control to start, stop, or dock your Wi‑Fi® connected Roomba® vacuuming robot.

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