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The 1st personal performance analytics platform that highlights your strengths and weaknesses to help you boost your game.

Get Better at League of Legends The 1st personal performance analytics platform that highlights your strengths and weaknesses to help you boost your game. How does Mobalytics help you become a better player? Mobalytics measures your in-game performance and gives you actionable advice on how to improve. Measure how good your game is Mobalytics measures your in-game performance for different skills (like Farming, Teamplay and Consistency), giving you a personal GPI score. Get insights on what you can improve Based on your GPI, the system defines your game skills and provides you with a detailed breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses. Get advice on how to improve Our Pre Game and Post Game analysis tools show you actionable advice for every step on your path to becoming a better player. Mobalytics key features To help you realize your utmost gaming potential, we provide multiple tools that will allow you to analyze and evaluate your game from multiple angles. - GPI - Pre Game - Post Game - Dashboard What's GPI? The Gamer Performance Index (GPI) uses machine learning algorithms to measure and evaluate your performance in eight crucial areas: Aggression, Consistency, Farming, Fighting, Survivability, Teamplay, Versatility, and Vision. The results are presented in a visual diagram so you can immediately identify your strengths and weaknesses to focus on specific aspects of your gameplay and improve as a player. Pre Game Like a coach before a big game, our Pre Game tool gives you a strategic pep talk before your match begins. This feature not only gives you specific recommendations for playing against champion matchups and team compositions, but also marks players with play style badges that point out helpful details about the summoners you’re playing with and against. Post Game The Post Game gives you an in-depth analytical report of your gameplay. The feature frames your game against your overall GPI score to compare how you performed against your own average. It identifies your mistakes and asks smart questions to promote your own learning and review process to adjust your play for upcoming matches. In the future, it will also include a highlight reel that breaks down your best and worst moments. Personal Dashboard Tracking your progress over time is one of the most critical aspects of consistent improvement. Your Personal Dashboard not only helps you understand your development, but also helps you set goals, take notes, and share your personal growth with your friends. The feature gives you plenty of filtering options, such as time period, champions, and gameplay trends.

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The 1st personal performance analytics platform that highlights your strengths and weaknesses to help you boost your game.

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