Deep Learning Solutions for Innovation in Business is founded and managed by CodiLime — an IT consulting and software engineering company established by former Google, Facebook and Microsoft specialists. The goal of is to create leaders in the innovation race. We deliver deep learning solutions and support organizations in unlocking their data science potential. DISCOVER Unlock the power of deep learning and test it in your business. Find new ways to innovate! What We Offer :: Consulting services to explore and leverage the use of your data. :: Introductory workshops for decision-makers and technical teams. :: Proof-of-concepts to evaluate the use of deep learning solutions. :: End-to-end solutions followed by ongoing model maintenance. :: Audit to assess your readiness to adopt deep learning for business purposes. Main Advantages :: Explore how you can use your data effectively to help your business grow rapidly. :: Discover new opportunities faster and support your business development. :: Benefit from end-to-end data science solutions followed by ongoing model maintenance. :: Start building your own data science team using best practices. :: Gain a partner who will show you how to start using machine learning and deep learning to innovate your business. DEVELOP Grow your data science capabilities and create your own end-to-end solutions with excellence. Get the right data analytics partner! What We Offer :: Algorithm research to tackle challenging, unsolved cases. :: Consulting services to audit and improve your existing models. :: Model development, deployment and long-term maintenance. :: Extended team of world-class data scientists and project managers. :: Advanced workshops to build and develop effective data science teams. Main Advantages :: Continue your data science journey by letting experts introduce best practices to your organization. :: Have your current machine learning and deep learning models verified and improved. :: Grow your team of data scientists and get support in building their competencies. :: Gain a partner specialized in machine learning and deep learning, who will address your needs and help you find solutions to old problems. :: Benefit from end-to-end data science solutions followed by ongoing model maintenance. ORGANIZE Have your data science processes organized to work for you smoothly and maximize results. Don’t follow. Be a leader. What We Offer :: Audit to assess your team’s potential, your technology stack and the methodology used in your data science projects. :: Consulting services to set up your analytics processes and make your organization self-sufficient. :: Advanced workshops to further expand your team’s capabilities — especially their deep learning skills. :: Recommendations and deployment of a data science technology stack tailored to your needs. It may include’s Neptune — the DevOps platform for data science teams to efficiently develop, deploy and maintain deep learning models. Neptune supports TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe, Apache Spark, H2O, Jupyter Notebooks and other data science tools. Main Advantages :: Learn and apply proven, effective solutions. :: Develop your data science team’s expertise and become self-sufficient in delivering new data analytics projects. :: Organize your machine learning processes and increase your data science team's efficiency. :: Verify your technology stack and implement data science tools and technologies that, will help your team achieve better results.

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