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Learn why FlashBlade has been recognized as the best innovation in AI hardware, providing file and object storage that is fast and simple to deploy, scale and manage.

NEXT-GEN FILE AND OBJECT STORAGE FlashBlade™ is the industry’s most advanced storage for unstructured data, consolidating complex data silos (like backup appliances and data lakes) to simplify infrastructure and accelerate tomorrow’s discoveries and insights. THE ULTIMATE SCALE-OUT PLATFORM FOR MODERN DATA In the era of intelligence, data is the most critical asset, delivering advantage for enterprises that harness it. FlashBlade™ is the industry’s first platform to be purpose-built for modern analytics. See how we did it. MEET INDUSTRY’S FIRST AI-READY INFRASTRUCTURE Pure Storage and NVIDIA collaborated to launch AIRI, AI-ready infrastructure architected to bring AI-at-scale to every enterprise. Jumpstart your AI initiatives with a customer-proven, validated infrastructure designed to simplify AI-at-scale. THE POWER OF FAST, BIG, AND SIMPLE Is your workload held back by slow and complex infrastructure? The FlashBlade product is architected from the ground-up for unstructured data – delivering powerful scale-out architecture that’s fast, big, and simple. FAST • Elastic performance that grows with data – up to 17 GB/s • Always-fast, from small, metadata-heavy workloads to large, streaming files • All-flash performance with no caching or tiering BIG • Petabytes of capacity • Elastic concurrency – up to 10s of thousands of clients • 10s of billions of objects and files SIMPLE • Evergreen – Subscription model to keep your storage modern • “Tuned for Everything” design, no manual optimizations required • Scale-out everything instantly by simply adding blades FLASHBLADE BREAKTHROUGHS Three technology innovations combine to deliver unprecedented scale-out storage. • BLADE - Compute, networking, and DirectFlash™ integrated on each blade. • PURITY//FB - Purity for FlashBlade is a massively distributed transactional database designed for the modern era. • ELASTIC FABRIC - Low-latency, software-defined 320Gb/s Ethernet fabric to eliminate networking complexities. LIKE NOTHING ELSE YOU’VE SEEN Just a few of the reasons the FlashBlade product redefines scale-out storage for modern data. Elastic Scale-Out Scale-out everything instantly by simply adding blades. Each blade adds capacity, performance, metadata scale, NV-RAM, and client connections. Easy to Manage FlashBlade includes a built-in GUI and CLI, as well as our Pure1® cloud-based management and support platform. A single administrator can manage a FlashBlade deployment of any size. Consistent All-Flash Latency DirectFlash minimizes wait time for data access. FlashBlade accelerates large- and small-block IO, and makes both user IO and metadata operations flash-fast. Resiliency You Can Trust Blades are deployed in N+2 redundant fashion to protect against flash or full Blade loss. When Blades fail, the system automatically heals-around them, returning FlashBlade to full resiliency. 320Gb/s Ethernet Throughput High performance fabric with object messaging and distributed transaction protocol to ensure fast and reliable communication between Purity instances running on each blade. Metadata Performance NFS operations are often full of metadata operations, like getAttrs. FlashBlade implements a massively distributed metatdata database, used by all layers of the system, which is independently queryable for powerful analytics. FLASHBLADE IS EFFORTLESS BY DESIGN Drowning in aggregates, volumes, pools, and caches? Petabyte-scale storage has never been this easy. SIMPLE TO DEPLOY Deploy as a single 4U appliance, with a minimum of 7 blades. All networking is internal, and all software included. No tuning or configuration necessary. SIMPLE TO SCALE Scale out by inserting new blades into the system. Blades deliver ultra-low latency, offering 17 or 52TB each, and are hot-pluggable. No pre-configuration or planning required. SIMPLE TO MANAGE With a built-in GUI and CLI, as well as cloud-based management and support from Pure1, a single administrator can manage a FlashBlade deployment of any size.

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