Pillsy - Smart Medication Reminder


Pillsy is more than a great medication reminder app, it's like having a personal assistant for your medications and vitamins. Never forget a pill again!

FEATURES Pillsy keeps track of your pills, so you can stay focused on enjoying life. Intelligent Reminders Get reminders when you forget a dose. Choose from lockscreen notifications, text messages and phone calls. Double Dose Alerts Can't remember if you took a pill? Pillsy will warn if you've already taken a dose. Smart Snoozing Hit snooze if you're away from your pills when you get a reminder and Pillsy will remind you when you come in range. Automatic Tracking Pillsy automatically keeps track when you open the bottle and marks the dose as taken, with no need to open the app. View your History Open the Pillsy app at any time to easily view your history. Care for Loved Ones Turn on Pillsy's sharing feature to get notifications when a loved one misses doses. HOW IT WORKS After a simple setup Pillsy just works, with no need to open the app or press buttons. • Easy Setup - Connect your PillsyCap and enter your schedule in 1-2 minutes. • Get Smart Reminders - If you forget, PillsyCap will beep and blink and the Pillsy app will remind you too. • No More Worries - Pillsy helps you take control of your health and care for loved ones. SIMPLIFY YOUR HEALTH Pillsy is the world's first smart pill bottle and mobile app designed to simplify your life. No need to push a bunch of buttons here. Pillsy will help keep you on track, so you can take more control of your health... without worrying about it. CARE FOR YOUR LOVED ONES Did you know that on average, Americans miss 50% of their prescription doses? Despite this fact, most people don't like to talk about their medications, even if they need help. Pillsy helps you take care of your loved ones while reducing the number of uncomfortable moments. PILLSYCAP PillsyCap automatically tracks doses and beeps and blinks to remind you. Works with iOS and Android. One-year battery life. • Tracks when opened or closed • Syncs to the Pillsy App (iOS and Android) • Beeps and blinks to remind you • One-year, replaceable battery • Comes with either a child-resistant medication vial or a twist-off vitamin vial PILLSY APP The Pillsy app makes managing your medications and vitamins easy. Our smart pill bottle connects to your phone using Bluetooth 4.0.

Learn more at pillsy.com

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