Altocloud - Customer Journey Analytics

Altocloud uses machine learning to drive intelligent engagement according to personas, behaviors, and predictions. Altocloud integrates with Cisco, Slack, Salesforce, Marketo or Hubspot.

CONNECT WITH YOUR DIGITAL CUSTOMERS Customer Journey Analytics. Digital Messaging. Real Time Communications Real-time customer journey analytics Connect the dots with live analytics and reporting to discover, analyze and understand customer behavior patterns. Use real-time machine learning to shape your customers' journey and personalize each experience. With Altocloud Journey Analytics, you can see what visitors are doing while they are live on your site, in your app or in a conversation with your team, giving you a clear perspective into their customer journey. Identify your customers' pain points quickly and convert a negative experience into a positive one. Customer Journey Context Our Live Now dashboard provides a real-time visualization of digital behavior, giving you the true context behind the entire customer journey from the website to the conversation with your team. Customer Profiling See who your customers are, where they are, what company they work for, what device they are using. Customer Personas Discover and define customer personas based on attributes and digital behavior. Outcome targeting Define desired business outcomes such as ‘make payment’ or ‘complete form’ and let Altocloud's machine learning to optimize journeys that lead to those outcomes. Predictive Analytics Our AI predicts which shoppers are likely to buy or abandon and recommends the best communication intervention to close the deal. Mobile Notifications Notify your employees by SMS or email when a prospect that matches a particular persona (e.g. Hot Prospect) is on your website. Allow your team to view the customer journey in real time from their mobile device. Smart messaging for your business Connect with your customers Handle all your customer messaging with Altocloud – whether they choose SMS, Web Chat or Facebook Messenger. Your team and your customers can switch seamlessly between channels while maintaining the thread of the conversation. SMS Have interactive text conversations with your mobile customers. Alert your mobile team members by text when valuable prospects need help. Web Chat Chat live with the visitors. Altocloud machine learning automatically selects the right visitors at the right time. Integrates with webchat from Salesforce, Cisco, Five9, Avaya, and Upstreamworks. Facebook Messenger When people check out on your website, they can sign up to connect with you in Messenger. Then you’ll be able to send them personalized messaged from Altocloud. Schedule Call Backs Customers can schedule a call-back at a time that works for both parties. Content Offers Deliver automated targeted content offers to visitors who match your persona definitions – product offers, price promotions or content suggestions. Surveys Use targeted surveys to get relevant feedback from those who matter most - your customers. Enterprise Contact Center Integration Deliver customer profile and journey information to your contact center agents so they can understand the full customer context when they speak with them. Native integration with Cisco, Five9 and Avaya contact center products. Marketing Automation Integration Integrate with marketing automation systems including HubSpot, Eloqua and Marketo. Salesforce Integration Full native integration with Salesforce - both lightning and traditional experiences. Trigger Salesforce live agent chat at the right moments using AI.

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