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With only 1 minute a day, Attentive will help you to have a scalable sales process, showing relevant KPI's to make sure no deal falls through the cracks.

SIMPLE SALES PROCESS FOR YOUR CRM With only 1 minute a day, Attentive will help you to have a scalable sales process, showing relevant KPI's to make sure no deal falls through the cracks, keeping your deals organized, and reminding you every time you need. GET EVERYTHING ORGANIZED AND LET YOUR CRM WORK FOR YOU • A SALES PIPELINE ALWAYS UPDATED • THE EASIEST WAY TO FOLLOW A SALES PROCESS • GET YOUR WORK DONE IN SECONDS SALES ONBOARDING Start simply by logging in with your CRM: Attentive will start working and figuring out which are the outstanding tasks that need to be completed to have a clean, organized and scalable sales process. TASK MANAGEMENT The easiest way to create tasks and schedule meetings. Be always ahead of what you have to do and get your productivity to the next level. CREATE DEALS Create new deals and get them updated on your CRM with one click. There are no more excuses for an inaccurate pipeline. AMOUNTS The amount set to each deal it's important data for your sales forecasting. Attentive will remind you to set it. If you are not sure about the value of your deals we can help you with that too. RECURRING DEALS Stop wasting time introducing repeated deals on your pipeline. Set deals as recurring and it will always be updated. MOVE DEALS Sales move fast and your CRM updates should too. Move deals to different stages quick and efficiently. AUTOMATED REMINDERS Sometimes information is just too much to process alone. Automated reminders will always be there to help you never forget an important step. MONTHLY QUOTA Sales goals are an important step to mesure your progress. Set up yours and Attentive will tell where you are all the time. LIKELIHOOD OF CLOSING If you know how close you are from closing a deal, your focus will be always at the right place. Set a likelihood for each deal and make your decisions easier. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROACTIVE TIPS Advisor Everything you do during your sales process will be supported by Attentive Advisor Actions. It will learn from you and help deliver the most value to each client interaction. Assessment Using a machine learning algorithm Attentive understands which of your deals are more willing to end up successfully, helping you make smart decisions about where you should invest your time. YOUR SALES, FROM EVERYWHERE Hubspot CRM integration - the easiest way to have total control over your pipeline • CONNECT WITH HUBSPOT CRM • INSTANT ACCESS TO YOUR PIPELINE • MANAGE ALL YOUR DEALS AND HAVE AN UPDATED PIPELINE AT ALL TIME Every detail about your sales in one place All the important notifications and pending actions, directly to your Slack account • EVERY ACTION RIGHT ON YOUR SMARTPHONE • YOUR SLACK BOT TELLS YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD DO • WITH 1 MINUTE YOU CAN CLEAN UP YOUR SALES PIPELINE

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Attentive helps your sales team reactivate dormant leads in under a minute.

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