Artificial Intelligence solution for supply chain optimization and maximizing margins. The first deep reinforcement learning service for maximizing margins for manufacturers

Cognitive Supply Chain Boost your supply chain efficiency and margin competitiveness by uncovering insights from your wealth of supply chain and production data. Leverage the power of deep reinforcement learning for supply chain risk management decisions, demand forecasting, and BoM/pricing optimization. Why DeepVu? - Real Time Get insights in real-time. DeepVu analyzes data streams as they arrive. - Deep Learning The most advanced form of artificial intelligence. Handles complexities that traditional analytics cannot. - Full Stack A versatile solution capable of handling any supply chain data-set including pricing, demand and production plans. - Scalable No feature-engineering work or rule updates needed. DeepVu will scale as your business grows. vuPredict Supplier Pricing Breakdown Optimization Optimize for the lowest possible bill of materials to manufacture your product with the same quality and delivery constraints. vuPredict handles the data complexities that exist from multiple suppliers, many parts, price fluctuations and varying reliability including external signals such as commodity prices, weather etc. vuPredict will predict the optimal combination of suppliers, parts, price and the likelihood of a discount based on historical transactions, external market signals, commodity prices, etc. Reduce inefficiencies and stop overpaying large sums over time based on manual calculations or ineffective models. vuGraph Behavioral Intelligence for Risk Management Honor product deliveries, meet profitability goals and ensure supply chain continuity. vuGraph applies behavioral intelligence on unstructured data feeds from multiple factories, suppliers and external sources to identify risks and produce real-time recommended actions and contingencies. vuMatch Visual Intelligence for Product Defect Detection vuMatch analyzes images to recognize defects from supplier parts and finished products. Scale detections to more parts and increase coverage to 100% without adding manual inefficiencies.

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