Cape Analytics


Leveraging machine learning and geospatial imagery to identify property attributes at scale allowing insurance companies to provide more accurate quotes.

About Us Cape Analytics was established in 2014 to revolutionize the way information about the built environment is created and consumed. We leverage geospatial imagery, computer vision, and machine learning to instantly and automatically extract proprietary property data. This data forms the basis from which we offer comprehensive data and analytics solutions delivered instantaneously via API. Cape Analytics establishes a new category of property data & analytics, offering immediacy and coverage comparable to pre-filled data, but with the accuracy and types of features for which an underwriter or other stakeholder may otherwise seek a more costly and time-consuming inspection report. Intelligence for the built environment Instant, Accurate & Comprehensive Data For Policy Underwriting Improve Customer Experience A shorter application with fewer property attributes to enter improves the experience of the insured and the agent. Simplicity increases completion rate and drives submissions. Reduce Adverse Selection More data at time of quote means accurately reflecting risk at time of binding. Issue Accurate Quotes Accurate data at time of quote means fewer post inspection premium adjustments, leading to higher retention rates for your insureds and agents.

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About The Company
Cape Analytics
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Validated Property Features Instant, Accurate, Everywhere

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