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We conceptualize, build, and scale AI ventures.

TRANSFORMING THE WORLD WITH CURIOUS MINDS We conceptualize, build, and scale AI ventures. Merantix is a research lab and venture builder in the space of artificial intelligence. We cooperate with mid- and large-sized companies to work on industry-specific deep learning applications, that we can scale to leading AI ventures. Our unparalleled team of AI researchers and our cross-project technology stack allow us to test and incubate projects much faster than any individual company. We have a strong tendency for partnerships with companies that have powerful data sets and short decision cycles. We are currently active in the fields of healthcare, finance and automotive. MACHINE LEARNING Merantix develops sophisticated models to create productized value from complex data sources. We are closely involved in state of the art deep learning research and have built a shared technology stack on latest research results, that we leverage across our ventures and products. PRODUCTS We are rigidly transforming domain-specific deep learning models DATASETS We establish partnerships with leading companies VENTURES When our robust products reach INDUSTRIES We leverage our expertise in building machine learning infrastructure and applications and combine it with our partners’ datasets, their domain knowledge and market access. We apply cutting-edge research to real-world problems to deliver outstanding value to many industries. HEALTH Artificial intelligence in healthcare has enormous potential. Deep learning technology will revolutionize every single part of today’s healthcare industry, it is just a matter of time and we are a driving force behind that. AI-powered applications, such as diagnostic automation, gene sequencing, treatment predictions, and drug development will lead to a drastic increase in the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of all healthcare. We think AI application is not aimed to fully replace human medical experts, but rather to enhance their capabilities and efficiency by automating those activities, that are homogenous and sensitive to errors. In that sense, physicians and nurses can be more effective in their actual job and to focus solely on patient’s wellbeing. FINANCE The financial service industry has a long history of quickly adapting to new technologies, and deep learning is no exception. Today’s service processes, financial products, and even investment decisions already incorporate advanced degrees of automation, but often in form of rule-based systems. The emergence of deep learning enables recognizing sophisticated patterns in high dimensional spaces and non-trivial activities can be automated with impressive results. The field of application ranges from back-office automation, to credit scoring, to asset management and high-frequency-trading. AUTOMOTIVE There have been massive improvements in autonomous driving, and other related capabilities in the automotive industry in recent years. Driven by the pioneers in the industry, full market adoption of these technologies is approaching quickly. Deep learning is a major enabler in the space of autonomous driving systems and is used for various tasks including the detection of other vehicles, classification of traffic signs and obstacle recognition. For machine drivers to become safer than human drivers however, there is still some way to go. Experts agree nonetheless that deep learning will take this hurdle in the coming years.

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